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  • Key knowledge walks out
    the door with personnel.
  • Costly issues with property
    and equipment.
  • Frustration with costly and
    non-responsive vendors.
  • Lack of preparation for
    emergency scenarios.
  • Key knowledge is retained and
    readily accessible.
  • Asset life cycle management.
  • Vendor efficiency and
  • Better preparation and
    communication in all scenarios.

Aprium is
a team and

  • Client Asset Base

    Incrementally building repository of key information and processes specific to your premises - the “Intellectual property” underlying your asset value centralized and easily accessible.

  • Asset Capture

    Streamlined and simple onboarding of client information and issue identification.

  • Knowledge Base

    Industry best practices built from years of experience and partner feedback that drive the creation of the CAB (Client Asset Base.)

  • Issue Tracking System

    Manage the immediate issues affecting your business/property and communicate needs across all personnel and vendors.

  • Agent Network

    Our experienced team powered by our AI-enabled technology becomes your cost-effective and flexible resource ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

We are currently serving the following areas: Palm Beach, Nantucket and Chicago.
We are currently in a private beta launch phase and will announce standard pricing shortly. There will be a variety of service level plans available starting at around $99/month.
No, Aprium provides a relevant solution whether you own or lease the property.
We believe our service more than pays for itself by better management of vendors/service providers and also reducing costly surprises when running your business or managing your property. Additionally, our vendor Management System provides an incentive to service providers to provide fair pricing and responsive work.
Depending on a client’s needs, Aprium can work with existing personnel to just ensure that an owner’s key information is retained regardless of staff coming and going. This often helps existing personnel provide a better level of service. Many find that Aprium In effect gives them flexible staff levels to address the varying needs of their property/business.
We are focused on large residential and hospitality currently as we have found a strong demand. Generally restaurants or inns have a high staff turnover, high facility use/breakage rate, no dedicated staff for “property management” and need communication across different shifts/teams. We think this is a great place for Aprium to cut its teeth but our service can really be used for any property or business!
Many owners are reactive (i.e. they wait until things break.) Aprium brings a proactive approach to the major cost centers of your property to ensure you have efficient preventative maintenance and also minimize downtime for your key systems and ultimately reducing unexpected costs.
We use a 256-bit SSL encryption based system that keeps your information safe. Although, as we know, no system can be 100% protected from hackers so Aprium has some innovative ways to protect any sensitive data. But bottom line, you don’t need to put any sensitive information in Aprium if you don’t feel comfortable - the platform will still work effectively for you!


Team Aprium.

Our professional team has many years of experience in property management, hospitality, design and technology. We created the Aprium solution to fulfill our own strategic needs and we have expanded it to meet yours.

Partnership Opportunities.

We believe that vendors and service providers are a very important asset and selecting and working effectively with the right ones can add Incredible long-term value to a business or property. We research and work with the best providers out there and utilize our internal rating system to both keep our providers on their toes but also share that knowledge with our clients.

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Career Opportunities.

We pride ourselves on a mission of activating the wisdom and experience of second-career professionals. Our agent advocacy network is an exciting and flexible way to be a part of a leading edge technology team. We’d love to tell you more about it.

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